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Mobiles for Health, Development and Activism

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10 Tactics
10 Tactics provides original and artful ways for rights advocates to capture attention and communicate a cause.  It includes a 50-minute film documenting stories from around the world and a set of cards; with tools, tips and advice, for you to work through as you plan your own info-activism.

Applications Laboratory 
At Applab, we believe that mobile phones hold great potential for improving the lives and livelihoods of millions of poor people around the world

Ethnos Project  
The Ethnos Project is an advocacy and information resource focused on the ways information and communication technologies (ICTs) are being used around the world to a) affect social change, b) sustain and stimulate the rapidly disappearing traditions of Indigenous peoples, andc) improve the quality of life of people on their own cultural terms.

Frontline SMS
By leveraging basic tools already available to most NGOs — computers and mobile phones.  FrontlineSMS enables instantaneous two-way communication on a large scale. It’s easy to implement, simple to operate, and best of all, the software is free. You just pay for the text messages you send in the normal way.

ICT Works by Inveneo
Expertise in sustainable ICTs for the Developing World

Idea Lab
MediaShift Idea Lab is a group weblog by innovators who are reinventing community news for the Digital Age. Each author won a grant in the Knight News Challenge to help fund a startup idea or to blog on a topic related to reshaping community news. The authors will use Idea Lab to explain their projects, share intelligence and interact with the new-media community online.

Our mission is to harness technology for effective collaboration against global health threats, natural disasters, and human-caused emergencies

Since 2003, has been helping empower local, national and international non-profit organisations to make better use of information and communications technology in their work. Specialising in the application of mobile technology, it provides a wide range of ICT-related services drawing on over 22 years experience of its founder, Ken Banks.

     Build it Kenny and They Will Come
     Ken Banks’ blog

     Mobile Database
     Database of apps and articles related to mobiles and development

Medic Mobile 
The mission of Medic Mobile is to advance healthcare networks in underserved communities using innovative, appropriate mobile technologies.

Microsoft- Technology for Emerging Markets
The Technology for Emerging Markets group seeks to address the needs and aspirations of people in the world's developing communities. Our research targets people who are increasingly consuming computing technologies and services as well as those for whom access to computing remains largely out of reach.

MIT NextLab Initiative
NextLab’s objective is to address global challenges through the development of open-source mobile platforms designed to scale through academia-corporate partnerships, the creation of new open source initiatives, or the launch of for-profit ventures.  NextLab partners with forward looking companies to identify and address opportunities of innovation in their industries through mobile technologies. We then develop the framework to address these problems more broadly as global challenges for the common good.

Mobiles in a Box
A collection of tools, tactics, how-to guides and case studies designed to help advocacy and activist organisations use mobile technology in their work

Mobile Web for Social Development Wiki
This wiki is used by the W3C Mobile Web for Social Development Interest Group to achieve its goal in a collaborative way, and to provide resources to the community to leverage development and deployment of content, applications and services on mobile phones targeted at under-privileged populations and rural communities of Developing Countries.

Net Squared
NetSquared is focused on the intersection of technology and social impact. We create opportunities for all those involved in creating change to connect: whether you are a nonprofit or a foundation, a designer or a developer, a changemaker or an entrepreneur.

Nonprofit Technology Network- NTEN
NTEN aspires to a world where all nonprofit organizations use technology skillfully and confidently to meet community needs and fulfill their missions. We enable our members to strategically use technology to make the world a better, just, and equitable place.

Praekelt Foundation

Praekelt Foundation is a technology incubator that develops open source mobile technology solutions to improve the health and well being of people living in poverty

Tech Soup
TechSoup is a nonprofit with a clear focus: providing other nonprofits and libraries with technology that empowers them to fulfill their missions and serve their communities. As part of that goal, we provide technology products and information geared specifically to the unique challenges faced by nonprofits and libraries. 


     Learning Center

The entry point of three weblogs devoted to cell phones and mobile content, focusing on text messaging and cell phone usage around the world, tracking the latest news and social impact of these new technologies

“Our goal is to create a platform that any person or organization can use to set up their own way to collect and visualize information.”  (from website)

Wait... What?
A blog focused on integrating new information and communication technologies (ICTs) and social media into community development programs and communications initiatives to improve impact, reach and quality, and to offer tools that can help increase youth participation and voice at local, national and global levels.

White African
Looking at how mobiles and high technology are changing Africa

World Bank 
Information and Communications for Development 
The IC4D blog explores the impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) on development, both directly and as an enabler for other sectors of the economy.

Governance Matters 
A blog about Governance and Development for All