Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%2011The best and brightest web content related to mobile ministry seen in the past week

Apps (Games, QR Codes & Social Media are in their own categories)

Mobile Apps: Models, Money and Loyalty (or “how mobile users aren’t loyal to their apps”)


Untapped Opportunity: Exploring the Arab Video Game Market


Smartphone for All “Makes sense in long run” (how the U.S. Army may start issuing smartphones to every soldier)

Africa’s Cell Phone Revolution

Technologies of Cooperation

Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

Universal instructional Design Principles for Mobile Learning

IBM uses mobile web to aid illiterate job-hunters

Lessons Learned: Reflections on M4D Projects

Africa’s Evolving Infosystems: A Pathway to Stability and Development

Mobile Web

UI Development Using jQuery Mobile

QR Codes

Who’s Really Scanning All Those QR Codes

Use QR Codes. Everywhere. All the time


China Plans to Track Beijing Citizens Through Their Mobiles

Humans Are the Routers (on open mesh networks)

The Security Alliance (documents recovered at Egyptian State Security HQ revealing how Egypt may have been turning peoples computers and mobiles into their worst enemies)

Dusting for Device Fingerprints (new ways you are being monitored on the internet)


Never Pay International Rates for a Text to the U.S. Again with HeyWire

Social Media

New Mobile Apps Are All About the Group

Check Out All The Group Messaging Apps You'll Be Using Soon (If You Aren't Already)


Integrating Multimedia Into Adult Education- Is It Worth All The Trouble?

11 Good Digital Storytelling Resources

How To Rip DVDs with Handbrake 

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