(Guest post by a WEC International worker in Asia)

Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%209My wife and I both needed phones upon getting here.  After  testing out a few in the stores, we decided to get two similar, yet different models- the Nokia X2-02 and the Samsung Hero E3213. Both cost the same- approximately 64 USD.

I thought I'd send on our observations upon using both phones, especially since one of them is the update of the XpressMusic. :-)  (recommended in How To #1- Choosing a Phone)

The Nokia XpressMusic range of phones is no longer made, it has been replaced by the Nokia “X” range of phones (including X2, X3 and X6- the higher the number the greater the capabilities and price). If you ask a phone shop for "Xpress Music," they'll say, "yes, yes," and give you the X2. The X2 itself has 2 incarnations- the "X2-02" is the one that we bought for $64. The other model, "X2", costs $91.

The only differences between the X2 and X2-02 that I could ascertain at the shops were:

  •   The X2-02 has a 2 megapixel camera and the X2 a 5 megapixel camera
  •   The X2 has a flashlight and the X2-02 does not
  •   The X2-02, interestingly, has a Dual Sim Card slot.  Yes, two SIM cards can be used   at once.  The X2 only has one SIM card slot.

The Samsung Hero E3213 was being touted by most shops as "the same phone, but better brand." One person tried to convince me that "Samsung is for everywhere; everywhere you can find Samsung. Nokia is only found here, so is not as good for you I think." I just about walked out of the shop at that point. :-) But the sound quality was great (and could get decently loud).  The video quality was also excellent- it is MP4 compatible, the screen was decently sized, etc.

Here are some of my thoughts after using both:

  • Both have a micro SD slot, which I'm told can come up to 8GB in one card. Most dealers give you SD cards for ridiculously cheap if you buy the phone from them. The 4GB card that I bought was labeled $16.50; they sold it to me for $5.50 with the phone purchase. We bought my wife's phone from a different shop and they had a similar massive discount for her microSD card- perhaps that's the standard to do with phone purchase. Bluetooth works on both
  • The Nokia X2-02 does get louder, with a little more clarity than the Samsung
  • Both have decent sized screens (neither are touch-screen), but the Nokia's screen is a little bigger than the Samsung's
  • One nice feature of the X2-02 is that it has volume controls on the side of the phone. The Samsung does not (though it does have its own Play/Pause button on the keypad).
  • Either would be good for mobile ministry purposes 

So, while either is good, the Nokia is a bit better.  The Nokia X2 is better than the Nokia X2-02 if you want better quality pictures (and a flashlight), but 2MP is still good for a small phone; and the X2-02 is about $30 cheaper. 

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