Jesus%20on%20cell%20phoneBreaking up the JESUS film into segments and formatting it so we could share it on our phones with the people we were working amongst overseas was one of the initial steps that started us down the road to the launch of Mobile Advance (see The Little Phone That Could and Heartbreak and Hope).  Within the first year of Mobile Advance’s launch, we helped in the opening of mobile ministries in a total of 11 countries.  We did all this with the media available to us which consisted of media in only four languages at that time (due to copyright restrictions, etc.).  In fact, in seven of the 11 countries we were simply using materials in the same language we had used in our original setting!


Enter The JESUS Film Project® and the JESUS film, which has been translated into more than 1,100 languages!  In March 2011 Mobile Advance (a ministry of WEC International) approached The JESUS Film Project about establishing a partnership for mobile phone-based sharing and distribution of the JESUS film on WEC fields.  Since that partnership began, Mobile Advance has equipped WEC workers to share and distribute the JESUS film in an additional seven countries and 11 new languages. 

Two months ago, after completing the initial phase of our partnership, The JESUS Film Project gave Mobile Advance permission to implementJESUS film-based mobile ministry initiatives in as many languages and countries as requested by WEC International fields!  We are grateful and thrilled to be in the process of preparing the JESUS film for mobile phone sharing and distribution in a further nine countries and 36 languages/dialects!  In fact, it is exciting to be posting this within 24 hours of four new languages being carried into a new restricted-access country!  All praise to God and our thanks to The JESUS Film Project for their partnership with us in this ministry.  Please pray that God uses this partnership mightily for the spread of His fame among the unreached.

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