Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%2010This will be the final edition of the Weekly Web Watch for the foreseeable future. 

Through the Weekly Web Watch we have built up a database of over a thousand articles/videos/ slidesets/reports/guides/etc. and it's now time that we do the work of processing the information contained in those and creating what will hopefully be brief, helpful and actionable resources that will assist you in getting mobile ministry implemented easily (at least relatively so) and effectively (see the "How-To's" we've put out so far). 

We also will work to make available a searchable database of these 1000+ resources with each resource tagged against 50 potential areas of interest (i.e. tagged for social media, mobile web, Africa, mLearning, etc.). 

Enjoy this final Weekly Web Watch and come on back to find what comes next!

(Games, QR Codes & Social Media are in their own categories)

Consumers Now Spending More Time on Apps Than the Web (note that this is for US consumers)

Mobile Development 101: What You Need to Know

Multilingual Apps: Keeping on the Crest of the App Wave


Design & Innovation

User Centered Design and Mobile User Experience

Innovation Extravaganza

Two Kinds of People



4 Rules of Engagement for Mobile Marketing

The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted: Why the Mobile Phone is Still Critical to Reaching the Masses in the Middle East

India's oft delayed $35 tablet ready to ship, unicorns shed tears of joy (we’re thrilled to hear the news but will believe it when we see it actually shiping)

Float Mobile Learning’s YouTube Page (lots of good stuff from their conference earlier this month)


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

Slides: Developing a Learning Strategy for Mobile and Social (Keynote)

mLearnCon 2011 Backchannel Collected Resources

Google Breadcrumb: Slightly Geeky and Fun Mobile Learning Tool

Ten Tips for Designing Mobile Learning Content

Echoing Green’s Mobile Technology in Social Innovation Online Series:

   Education and Learning

Africa: Mobile Phones Improve Health Across Continent

Starting a revolution with technology

Twitter Revolutions and Cyber Crackdowns: User-generated content and social networking in the Arab spring and beyond 


Mobile Web

InMobi’s Naveen Tewari: Mobile Internet Will Be the Largest Medium Ever

Speaker Slides & Video, Velocity 2011 (Velocity is “the” web performance and operations conference, presentations of interest include 10 Tricks for Mobile Performance, Analyzing the Performance of Mobile Web: Challenges & Techniques, Mobile Web & HTML5 Performance Optimization, etc.) (more video here)

Effective Mobile Landing Page Design

Take Responsive Web Design Beyond the (Fluid) Grid

Dive Into HTML5


Operating Systems/Handset Makers

Research In Motion (RIM/Blackberry) Stumbles Through Its First Quarter

iPhone's Market Share Gains Cut Into Android's Smartphone Dominance

Five Days with an S40 Phone- Day Five (the S40 operating system is probably the most widely used OS on the face of the planet- used in as much as 1.3 billion feature phones)

Nokia Will Launch Windows Phone Handsets in Six European Countries This Year

Windows 8 Could Send Windows Phone 7 to the Graveyard

Nokia N9 First Hands On


QR Codes & Near Field Communications

QR Codes 101- Link to a Mobile-Optimized Site

World's First Coins With QR Codes Will Start Circulating in the Netherlands Next Week



Mobile Phone Security: What Are the Risks?

Safer Twitter

How to Avoid Being Phished On Your Smartphone

Lookout Mobile Security Adds Safe Browsing to Guard Against Phishing Attacks

Cellcrypt releases encrypted voice telephony app for Android


SMS/Texting/Instant Messaging

EasySMS app enables illiterate people to read, compose and send text messages

Pinger Builds a Bridge Between IM and SMS 

Mobile Technology and the Last Mile

Streamlining Text Messages to Fast Track Mobile Marketing

Social Media

Wireless Rural Nepal: The village facebookers (video)

What You Need to Know About Facebook and Mobile



Riding the Mobile Innovation Wave in Emerging Markets

MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) and Google Reveal Smartphone User Findings

Nigeria Enjoys 31% Mobile Browsing Penetration, the U.S. 6%


Video/Multimedia/Augmented Reality

5 Ways to Tell Stories in eLearning   

The Many Ways of Incorporating Video on Mobile

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