Mobile%20Pic %20MEast8Webinar #1- Six Online Trends Your Ministry Must Address Today

Dave Bourgeois (professor at Biola University and founder of genesys11) and Drew Goodmanson (CEO of Monk Development) will be presenting this free webinar on Thursday, June 23rd, at 9 a.m. PST/12 p.m. EST 

The outline of the webinar is as follows:


  • Trend #1: The Web’s Exponential Growth Requires Organization Change
  • Trend #2: We Now Live in a “Post-Website World.”
  • Trend #3: The “App-ification” Revolution is Beginning
  • Trend #4: Mobile is the Future. Mobile is Now.
  • Trend #5: Focus on the Fringe That is Central to Your Success
  • Trend #6: There is No Longer “One Right Way” to Be Online.
  • Questions and Answers

If you are interested follow this link to Dave Bourgeois' blog where you can register.

Webinar #2- Mobile Web Performance Optimization

Happening on Wednesday, July 6 at either 1-2 p.m. GMT or 1-2 p.m. EST.

In this Webinar, Guy Podjarny, Blaze CTO, will review best practices and tips for Mobile Web Performance Optimization (WPO). Guy will discuss how to measure mobile performance, how optimization strategies differ from desktop WPO and how performance varies across different mobile devices such as iPhone, Android and iPad.

Register here

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