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Android Essentials: Submitting Your Application to the Android Market

Design & Innovation

Mobile interfaces: Mistakes to avoid and trends to watch


70pc of mobile strategy built around effectiveness: Coca-Cola

The $47 Aakash Android Tablet Will Revolutionize Internet Access

The “Mobile Web” as text and voice

The beginning of Africa’s long, slow transition away from SMS – new browser kids on the block making mobile Internet access easier

JQ.Mobi Is A Mobile-Optimized HTML5 Rewrite Of the JQuery Framework

Meet the "Real" 4G

[2012 trends] Mobile - why, what and maybe


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

Orange to provide free access to mobile Wikipedia

The Ethics of Mobile Learning: Troubling and Complex


Mobile Ministry

A Mobile Strategy for Life, not Just A Season

23 Ways to Use Cellphones in Ministry

6 Ways A Phone Can Change Your Bible (Part 1)

Two Bible ministries join forces

Mobile Tools Impact Church Culture: Youth Ministry Implements Text Messaging Strategy

Mobile Technologies for Your Ministry


Mobile Web

Top Ten Tips from Mobile Web Experts (Forbes)

‘HTML5 Please’ Helps You Decide Which Parts of HTML5 and CSS 3 to Use

Deconstruction of Smashing Magazine's Responsive Redesign

Device Experiences & Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design Business Challenges

Beating Borders: The Bane of Responsive Layout


Operating Systems

Nokia Now Shipped More Than 1.5 Billion S40 Phones

A view on Symbian in the Indian market

Samsung Breathes Life Into Tizen By Merging With Bada

Windows Phone to bump iPhone for second place in '15, IHS predicts



NSA releases security-enhanced version of Android

Getting the Message? Police Track Phones with Silent SMS

CDR solves 90% crime cases

Best Secret Folder: Hide private photos, video



5 things you didn’t know you could do with a SMS in Brazil

Social Media

Small, Painful Buttons: Why Social Media Buttons Might be Killing Your Mobile Site

From Phones to Facebook: How to Engage Youth on the Front Lines of Social Media

New Research Reveals How Africa Tweets

The Age of Mobile Email Has Arrived. Are You Ready?

Special Forces Get Social in New Psychological Operation Plan



Insights into Mobile Telecoms in Africa

Internet 2011 in Numbers

Only around 10 per cent use smartphones, says Ericsson

The Year Of The Dumb And Dumber, Sub-$100 Smartphone - 500 Million Of Them



iOS Losing Its Dominance in Mobile Video

The Secret to Going Viral: It's All About Culture

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